Special Needs Dentistry

Special Needs

There is an overwhelming occurrence of poor dental health among people with intellectual disabilities.

Families and caregivers recognize the importance of maintaining good oral health; however, the reality is that many individuals with intellectual disabilities go without daily oral hygiene care simply because it is too difficult to get the necessary compliance. This makes the access to reliable dental care even more essential.

At Newkirk Dental Center, we always go the extra mile to ensure that patients with special needs feel welcome and cared for. During your visit, we will prepare a preventive and restorative oral health treatment plan for your family member and will also review all possible treatment and financial options with the patient and parent or guardian. We can also provide you with information about sedation dentistry. For those who might benefit, we offer local and general anesthesia for our patients. When necessary, our doctors can provide general dentistry while patients are under a general anesthetic at Cimarron Surgical Care Center.